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United States Natural Gas will Solve our Nation's Energy Dependence! Why should we continue to be dependent on foreign oil and gas while we still have valuable, recoverable resources here in the USA? Our mission is to make the United States of America less dependent on foreign oil and gas by utilizing advanced technology and new recovery processes. Onyx Oil Corp is incorporated in the state of Florida. The Company has offices in Largo, Florida on the states west coast, just west of more
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Fri. March 24, 2014Nat Gas Logistics is developing a new, one-of-a-kind logistics database. Further information and updates are forth coming.

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Fri. October 17, 2012Onyx Oil Corp, announces its interest in offering a major equity stake in the Company, through a private investment.

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Sat. October 13, 2012Find over 10,000 Natural Gas Refueling locations across the USA.

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Natural Gas Logistics We are developing a new logistics database for gas distribution in the U.S. For more information please click more
Storage Facilities Planning As natural gas usuage expands in the U.S. new modern storage facilities will be more
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